Did you have a Motherhood Out Loud moment? Something you might have thought to yourself but didn't vocalize? A piece of wisdom. A challenge. A revelation about parenting. A gripe. A heated reaction to a situation. A scenario that made you want to scream or hold your tongue. Anything you'd care to share/get off your chest? Motherhood Out Loud wants to hear from you and will, if approved, post it on our site. Something short and candid....a pithy statement or two.....or a video. Now's your chance to tell it like it is and hear what other moms are proclaiming Out Loud. We can include your name/website or not...just let us know.

– Jen Singer

"My daughter was born on a Monday. We came home from the hospital on a Wednesday. By Friday I could barely see straight. It was at once the happiest and most exhausting week of my life. I remember thinking, 'Thank God tomorrow is Saturday. I need a break.' And that's when it hit me: This job is seven days a week. There are no weekends off from motherhood!"
– Erin Leigh Peck

"Two of my three sons were fighting. I locked myself in the bathroom and said I would not come out until each of them could say something nice about the other. When they did I can remember the younger saying that his older brother was "good at baseball." I can not remember the other comment from the older brother but this comment said a lot. Things calmed down."
– Alberta C.

“Kids do what they see, not what they are told. 70% of parenting is getting out of the way of your kids and letting them find their own way. Model the behavior you wish for them and they will see it and take it in. If you have your own life and live it well, they will too. It is a unique joy to see a person grow up and to participate in that journey. It is about them and us, but mostly them. You only get about 20 years. Use it well. If you have done a good job, you have a friend for life.”
– Liz Y.

“Taking a mommy time out when kids are having a meltdown! After fleeing from my kids one day & locking myself in a bedroom, there was silence. Peaceful serenity. The kind of silence where I could cuddle under my covers with a good book. The kind of silence where I could meditate. The kind of silence that screamed ‘Yes, there is a God!’
When your cup runs over, don't fight it. Run for the hills and take your time out! Five minutes later I was normal again.”

– Marisa Santoro, In Our Shoes

“Last night, my nine-year-old son came home from a playdate and announced that his friend had a ‘nicer house’ than we did. Covering up my instant hurt, or maybe not so much, I responded, ‘You think everyone has nicer things than we have.’ And he thought a moment and said, ‘Well, they yelled a lot. We definitely have a nicer family.’ Now, THAT I can live with...”
Dina Santorelli, Massapequa Park, NY

“I think my Motherhood Out Loud moment came when I did the Patti Labelle show. Up until then, I thought that the best way to raise my kids would be to live vicariously through them, support them in all their endeavors and encourage them to follow their dreams. When I did the “Clash of the Choirs”, I realized that the most powerful way for me to show my girls they can follow their dreams would be for me to follow mine.”
Liimu McGill, Glenside, PA

“What Goes Around...
Did you ever kick your mom out of the car and drive away? I did when I was 16, but she was being unreasonable (yeah, I kept telling myself that!). Now MY daughter is 16 and I feel my mother's spirit hovering over the car when she drives, just egging me on. Karma can be such a bitch!”

Liz Allen, author, Who Got Liz Gardner