Motherhood Out Loud in Australia!

By Shauna O’Carroll

Life can be utterly unpredictable, and starting and raising a family can be both a rewarding and terrifying experience.

Insomniac Theatre explores the joys and difficulties of parenting in their poignant comedic production of Motherhood Out Loud.

The production is a series of skits that portray all the beautiful, hilarious and downright crazy moments of raising a family, says director and producer Maggie Scott.

“It’s not a cutesy look at motherhood, all rosy with rose-coloured glasses on, it shows you the downsides too,” she says.

Premiering in Australia after a hugely successful run in the United States, Motherhood Out Loud is a fiercely real and honest portrayal of the changing families in society.

“It has a bit of everything, same sex family, adopted family, blended family. There are not just nuclear families anymore, there are many different mixes,” she says.

The production uses simple monologues and staging to express the evolving experience of life, from birth all the way to becoming a great grandparent.

“It goes from childbirth to the first day at school, to grandparents and everything in between, and lets not forget the obnoxious teenagers!” she says.

This unique and relatable show promises to make audiences laugh and tug at the heartstrings. (SO)

Mar 19-Apr 6, The Exchange Hotel Balmain, 94 Beattie St, Balmain $18-25,

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