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Mini Me

by Robin Gorman Newman, founder of Had an interesting conversation with a friend last week. Like me, she is an adoptive mom. Her kids know they are adopted, as does my son.  It’s not a big deal in our respective households.  We’ve always been open. During our chat, she was venting about her kids.  It […]

Parenting a Parent

By Robin Gorman Newman I feel like a contestant in The Dating Game television show… only I’m participating on behalf of my father. And, it’s not for a love match, but rather a live-in aide… two to be exact. My mom passed away over ten years ago, and five years after that, we brought in a live-in […]

From the show’s writers – Claire LaZebnik

We all want things to go well for our kids, and sometimes we push harder than we should in our efforts to make that happen.  Michael’s mother gets a little too excited when her teenage son goes on his first date: her expectations are high as she drives the kids to and from their movie. […]

From the show’s writers – David Cale

My friend Janice Paran, who is the dramaturg on Motherhood Out Loud, got in touch with me to ask if I would like to write a monologue for the show. Janice described the show’s concept and told me that the cast would consist of three women and one man, and that they had one monologue […]

From the show’s writers – Claire LaZebnik

About six years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing an essay for the Modern Love column of the New York Times. I wrote about my hope that my teenaged son would one day find romantic happiness and my fear that, because he was on the autistic spectrum, it might be a struggle for him. I […]

Sweet Fix – by Leslie Ayvazian

When Susan Rose and Joan Stein first met with me about writing for Motherhood Out Loud, my son, Ivan was a Senior in High School. He has now graduated from college and he is in New York City playing the clubs with his band Sweet Fix. My husband Sam and I still attend almost every […]