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Review: MOTHERHOOD OUT LOUD Nails Universal, Experience of Being a Mom

By Ruth Ross Just as mothers and their children come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and temperaments, so too does the experience of motherhood. That is the premise of Motherhood Out Loud, a collection of short playlets about the joys, sorrows and perplexities of this singular state experienced by half the world’s population, currently being performed by […]

Motherhood Out Loud in Australia!

By Shauna O’Carroll Life can be utterly unpredictable, and starting and raising a family can be both a rewarding and terrifying experience. Insomniac Theatre explores the joys and difficulties of parenting in their poignant comedic production of Motherhood Out Loud. The production is a series of skits that portray all the beautiful, hilarious and downright crazy […]

Little Lake Theatre – Motherhood Out Loud – July 2, 2013

By Doug Shanaberger From the get-go, Sunny Disney Fitchett has taken very seriously the artistic director’s responsibility of creating a full season calender each year at Little Lake Theatre, though not so seriously that the anecdotes behind her choices are without their own entertainment value. As a reporter, I’ve been privy to quite a few […]

Lifetime Out Loud: Review of ‘Motherhood Out Loud’ at Southampton Cultural Center

Any mothers, daughters, sons, or fathers who have enjoyed an afternoon of Lifetime Network programing need to grab their tissue boxes and head straight over to the Southampton Cultural Center for Michael Disher’s Center Stage production of “Motherhood Out Loud.“ I had no idea to expect from this show, I had never heard of the play and […]

Book Review – Shout Her Lovely Name

By Rochelle Jewel Shapiro I don’t usually read short story collections (I prefer novels) but the sublime title, Shout Her Lovely Name, made me pick it up. The themes are jarring such as in the title story about a girl whose anorexia and bulimia terrorizes her parents, but the writing is so quirky (recipes are included) […]