Little Lake Theatre – Motherhood Out Loud – July 2, 2013

By Doug Shanaberger

From the get-go, Sunny Disney Fitchett has taken very seriously the artistic director’s responsibility of creating a full season calender each year at Little Lake Theatre, though not so seriously that the anecdotes behind her choices are without their own entertainment value.

As a reporter, I’ve been privy to quite a few of those anecodotes since 1993, the year Sunny became the company’s A.D.  And I’ve enjoyed them all.  Maybe a friend encouraged her to read a play, and she ended up loving the characters and the heartbreaking or funny moments that shaped their lives even more than she expected to.  Or something between the lines, an elusive ingredient—a charm, a sweetness, a relatable quality—made her aware that the author’s work as a whole was perfect for the actors at Little Lake.

What ever caught her attention, the enthusiasm she had for the words on the page was contagious.

But in the case of “Motherhood Out Loud”?

There must be, I thought, an interesting tale explaining how this little-known collection of scenes and monologues that deal with parenting, mostly from a woman’s point of view, found its way to Washington County’s oldest theater group and a place under the spotlight.

The truth … [Read the rest of the article here]