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Review: MOTHERHOOD OUT LOUD Nails Universal, Experience of Being a Mom

By Ruth Ross Just as mothers and their children come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and temperaments, so too does the experience of motherhood. That is the premise of Motherhood Out Loud, a collection of short playlets about the joys, sorrows and perplexities of this singular state experienced by half the world’s population, currently being performed by […]

Congratulations to Rene Syler

BIG CONGRATS to the fabulous mom/author/blogger/tv personality Rene Syler, aka GOOD ENOUGH MOTHER, for receiving the first annual Motherhood Out Loud Award, given to a mom whose tell it like it is voice/words moves, supports, inspires others. Give a watch here.

Lori Hamilton, Co-host of the “Weekly Toddler Hour”

I gave up a daughter for adoption when I was seventeen. I became a step-mom of two precious little girls when I was thirty-seven. The twenty years in between were filled with all kinds of efforts to be a good mom someday. I unpacked emotional baggage. I wrote in fifty journals. I took workshops. I […]

Tonys 2011: Where Are the Women?

By Jill Dolan, The Huffington Post The Tony Awards season confirms what anyone concerned about the status of women in theater has long come to expect: plays by women are excluded from the nominations once again. When will power brokers and critics realize that until work by women is produced and recognized, Americans will continue […]

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