Lifetime Out Loud: Review of ‘Motherhood Out Loud’ at Southampton Cultural Center

Any mothers, daughters, sons, or fathers who have enjoyed an afternoon of Lifetime Network programing need to grab their tissue boxes and head straight over to the Southampton Cultural Center for Michael Disher’s Center Stage production of “Motherhood Out Loud.“

I had no idea to expect from this show, I had never heard of the play and the only thing I compared it to in my mind was that one woman play, “Why Don’t You Like Me?” from the “Friends” episode, “The One With The Soap Opera Party.” For those of you who are “Friends”-philes such as myself, you know that this play is a ranting, raving, obnoxious diatribe about the hardships of woman hood from tampons to dateless proms. In the words of Chandler, “Could I have BEEN more wrong?”

Told in a series of vignettes throughout five chapters, this play is about parenthood from birth, rearing, letting go, and eventually becoming the parented… [Read the rest of the review here]