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My Son, the Anti-Bully Bodyguard by Robin Gorman Newman

Seth announced today, as he bolted out the door for the school bus, that he’s a bodyguard.  “For whom?” I said. “Ariel,” he replied. “A girl in my class.”  “And, why does she need a bodyguard?” I asked.  “Some kids are saying not nice things,” he answered.  I kissed him good-bye, and thought, Okay, they’re […]

Self Rediscovery by Robin Gorman Newman

It’s never too late to see your passions come to fruition….even as a mom caught up in parenting. I’ve adored theatre my whole life. In high school, I was part of the ensemble of Anything Goes.  While singing is not my strength, I won the role of an Angel, and took pride in that status.  […]

Craving Community by Robin Gorman Newman

It’s always amazed me that I’m a writer at heart because it’s such a solitary craft, and in that sense, it doesn’t suit me. I love being around people and feeling part of a community.  That’s one of the resounding reasons I launched Motherhood Later…Than Sooner.  But, for me, it’s not just about connecting with other […]

My Big Little Guy – by Robin Gorman Newman

Seth is growing up in a flash before my teary eyes. Second grade will soon come to an end, and this week, parents were invited into this classroom to watch a year-end slide compilation created by Seth’s teacher. It was so immensely touching and well done…from the choice of heartfelt music to the overall presentation. […]