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When is it appropriate to call the police on your children?

Some children are stubborn learners, and despite a parent’s best efforts, behavior problems can persist. At what point is it okay to get the police involved in your child’s discipline? See all the answers on Circle of Moms…

Be In The Moment – by Dr. Susan Bartell

As the stores begin stocking back-to-school clothing and notebooks, it’s hard not to start thinking about the end of summer. Before we know it, school will be back in swing, and the barefoot, carefree, sunny days will be long gone…sigh! Of course, it is important to plan ahead in order to get school supplies at a […]

Being A Parentless Parent: The Effect on You, Your Children and Your Marriage – by Allison Gilbert

Both of my parents have passed away, and little has shaped the way I raise my children or affected the relationship I have with my husband and in-laws more than the fact that my mom and dad aren’t here to be grandparents to my children. I am a parentless parent. Because women are having babies […]