When is it appropriate to call the police on your children?

Some children are stubborn learners, and despite a parent’s best efforts, behavior problems can persist. At what point is it okay to get the police involved in your child’s discipline?

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  • Annmk1971

    Does anyone agree that there is a significant difference between and angry child and a violent child? and is it appropriate to call the police on a child who just has angry outbursts?? My 15yr old son had ADHD and I go months without having a single problem with him, but on seldom occasions he has outbursts of anger. His main problem is he does not understand his anger nor does he know how to cope with his anger.  He has been through a lot in his life with his father and I divorcing and many other issues that he has been through. I just don’t think that calling the police on a child who is acting out because he is confused and does not understand how to handle it all.  I do have him in counseling and I am doing all I can as a mother to help him.  We live in a small town and pegging him as a bad kids is not my goal, so calling the police would be the last thing I ever do to him.